UPDATE on the PROMISS EU Project

PROMISS has laid out scientific strategies regarding dietary intake and physical activity of community-dwelling older adults, which were developed based on the scientific results of the studies conducted in the different work packages of the PROMISS project in combination with the findings from the recent scientific literature. The strategies aim to prevent protein-energy malnutrition and other relevant clinical outcomes (i.e. functional decline, frailty and poor quality of life) in order to contribute to active and healthy aging.

The PROMISS web page (https://www.promiss-vu.eu/) contains a lot of information especially the vast literature (about 21 published articles) being published during the project.

In addition, a quick protein screener questionnaire was developed (available in several languages): 
The Protein Screener is a short questionnaire that can be used to estimate the chance on a low protein intake (<0.8, <1.0, or <1.2 gram /per kilogram adjusted body weight/day) in older adults (55+ year). The Protein screener is developed by the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (the Netherlands).

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