EUNAAPA’s overall structure

For the daily management a Steering Committee (SC) is responsible including securing the network, coordinating all network activities, facilitating communication, connecting members and initiating projects (applications) and activities. The SC has freedom to take all necessary decisions to facilitate the network. There are six SC members, including one chair. The SC can be temporarily enlarged with the project leader/coordinator for the term of a (major) EUNAAPA related project (i.e. PASEO). After confirmation by the members at a members’ meeting the SC is installed for four years. If current SC members leave the SC, a new member is to be elected. Every Network/SC member can nominate (any number of) members for a position in the SC. SC members are elected if they have the support of a majority of the members (50% + 1 of the votes). Current Steering Committee The SC meets 3 times a year and discusses the progress and actions by the network. Decisions are taken based on consensus and described in the minutes of each meeting and communicated through the website and newsletter to the members. Members can view the minutes by contacting the SC. The EUNAAPA network and its members have successfully carried out two DG Sanco projects (EUNAAPA 200536 and PASEO 20082019). All members of the Steering Committee have been active in several EU Projects. The SC is advised by an international advisory board (IAB) of key figures in the area of physical activity and health who support the vision and the goal of EUNAAPA and are consulted on the work and the results of the network. Current International Advisory Board members The EUNAAPA office (headed by Dr. Erwin Tak) is based at TNO Leiden, an independent not for profit research organization. It supports the network’s activities (website, monitoring, preparing and reporting EUNAAPA’s Steering Committee meetings, facilitating projects). Management structure of the EUNAAPA network. management structure eunaapa network   Disclaimer The EUNAAPA network is a hosted by NEDERLANDSE ORGANISATIE VOOR TOEGEPAST NATUURWETENSCHAPPELIJK ONDERZOEK, TNO ( a non-governmental, non-profit-making organization. The EUNAAPA network is a non-governmental, non-profit-making and independent of industry, commercial and business or other conflicting interests. The EUNAAPA network financially independent of industry, commercial and business or other conflicting interests and transparent.