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Physical acitivity in older persons is more than ever of great significance both from a social as well as an individual perspective. Physical activity prevents a number of diseases among elderly people and is a source of joy, expression of life and positive self-affirmative experiences.

Through the last years and together with members and colleagues in the network, we have conducted some important work in line with our vision: 'Optimal health and quality of life for older people in Europe through physical activity.' For example by providing information and expert advice to policy makers, providers and professionals in the fields of ageing, physical activity and health.

To get an idea of the planned activities for the next years you can have a look at our  roadmap 2011-2015 here, as well as the progress in the last years. The work plan for 2014, which has been supported by an operating grant from the EU Health Programme. With this grant EUNAAPA aims to reach the following objectives in concurrence with its roadmap 2011-2015: to educate and enhance awareness in medical professionals and to support strategies to disseminate and exchange knowledge and expertise on EU, national and regional level

Below and on the next pages you can read all about the EUNAAPA network and how to join and participate.


EUNAAPA organizes first Summer School on Ageing and Physical Activity

EUNAAPA organizes a summer school on physical activity and aging in Verona (Italy) from Thursday the 26th to Sunday the 29th of June 2014. It is designed for medical doctors, health professionals and experts in adapted
physical activity (APA) from European Countries, engaged in enhancing the quality of life of adults and older adults, with or without disease, though physical activity  promotion. For details and regsitration please look here.



 What is EUNAAPA?

The EUropean Network for Action on Ageing and Physical Activity (EUNAAPA) is a thematic, collaborative network aiming to improve the health, wellbeing and independence of older people throughout Europe by the promotion of evidence based physical activity. EUNAAPA had defined its objectives and carries out projects. read more.



Professionals working in the field of physical activity and ageing are invited to join the network. Membership is free for everyone who wishes to become active and share information and work together to promote physical activity in older persons. EUNAAPA was specifically founded to bring scientists, professionals, providers, policymakes and older persons representatives together.  read more

Stay informed about the EUNAAPA network

News about the EUNAAPA network and the field of physical activity and ageing can be found in the news section and the Agenda section. Members and non-members can also sign up for the newsletter. read more

Output by the EUNAAPA network

The EUNAAPA network aims to disseminate evidence based strategies for the promotion of phyiscal activity amond older persons. All products from the EUNAAPA network can be downloaded for free. read more.

EUNAAPA Activities

The EUNAAPA network aims to reach it goals not only by connecting people but also by carrying out projects in the field of physical activity and ageing. Results of carried out projects and current project can be found on this website. read more.


If you wish to contact the network and its members please do so. read more.